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Voted Best Photographer within a two parsec radius from Earth

   We're the Oliver family, a family of seven; two kids, 3 dogs and a parrot. Professional photography is how we feed this tribe. We're also full-time RVers after selling our home (in the video above)! We are travelling our beautiful country, homeschooling our kids and photographing the whole adventure.

You can follow this downsizing & photographic extravaganza right here on our blog! Please don't hesitate to send us a message because we will love hearing from our followers!


We are looking for families, pets and businesses to photograph all over the United States! Send us a message if you're interested and we'll pin your city on our "destinations map". Paducah, KY is our home base so if you live in Paducah, congratulations, it's really easy to schedule a session. 

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Family Portraits

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Beautifully captured weddings to share for generations.


They're family, too.



in High School, not 65+...


Real Estate & Business

World-class images for professionals.

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